Morgan Beard - Life Coach

(Most testimonials are anonymous to protect clients’ confidentiality.)

“We are so thrilled that we found Morgan.

Morgan has been a great resource for our daughter and also our family. Our daughter never opened up to a therapist, but can relate to Morgan and share feelings and emotions that were hard for her to share with others. Morgan has also been an asset to our family and helps all of us communicate with each other in a productive way. We are blessed to have her!”


“I have been so fortunate to have Morgan in my life

as a listener, as a confidante, and as a trusted advisor to learn from, bounce things off, and work things out with as I've taken some important steps toward happiness and fulfillment with the life I'm leading. As someone who's also a big proponent of therapy, what I think makes Morgan so special is her clinical background and specialized combination with the fact that she's also just a regular person, ready to go on a hike or grab a coffee while talking through your existential crisis. Working with Morgan is like having the world's best Cool Big Sister on call, ready to laugh with you, cry with you, plan with you, make weird finger paintings with you -- but, most importantly, hear you and understand what you're going through. Cuz she's been there too! Whether it's making a tough career decision, dealing with anxiety, or dealing with your crazy family, if you need someone to talk it out with on YOUR TERMS, give Morgan a call. She is exactly what you're looking for.” Review from Yelp


“I feel so fortunate to have sat down with Morgan.

I've known her as a friend for many years, and I've always appreciated how perceptive and authentic she is. So, when I found myself in a time of transition, I confidently reached out to her for help. Now I see how much her gifts of empathy and approachable candor make her the perfect consultant when you find yourself a little lost in life.” (Review from Google)


“Morgan brought me enough confidence to start trusting what empowers my spirit,

to keep revoluting until my voice is heard, and to continue reaching for a self-healing lifestyle. With Morgan’s help, I found alternative ways to lead my own life and gain an enormous amount of strength.

Learning from you over the course of 5 to 6 months not only encouraged me to see the shadow I divided from myself but to also accept and become a part of all sides of myself.

For this, and much more, I'll always be eternally grateful for the patient time you took to be with me, and the insight you brought me. Thank you for seeing so much inside of me.”


“Working with Morgan as a life coach has been great.

I have had previous experiences with therapists and went into this process with similar expectations. I was surprised by the end of our first session I already had an action plan to put into place. Morgan genuinely cares about your wellbeing and happiness. The way she has helped me to navigate my life has been extremely beneficial.” (Review from Yelp)


“Morgan is amazing!

I struggle with a lot of anxiety and negative self-talk that often gets in the way of meeting my goals, and working with Morgan has helped me immensely. She is kind, but firm, and her passion for what she does it totally infectious. I love her honesty and her willingness to be vulnerable inspires me. If you get a chance to work with her, do it!” (Review from Google)

“Morgan is fantastic.

She took the time to get to know me as a person and from there, unpack what's been holding me back--all in a way that has felt most authentic to myself. I came into these sessions with no concrete expectations, just knowing that I wanted more direction in life, and have been blown away by the compassionate and comprehensive way that Morgan has helped me identify and address my personal roadblocks. She's a kind, highly perceptive and engaging life coach, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to better their lives.”


“Morgan helped me make sense of a swarm of thoughts and feelings that had pestered me for years.

Some days I do not feel like talking about my issues even though I’d scheduled a coaching session. She’s patient, and gets me talking about some other issue, then before I know it I’m getting into the deeper stuff that made me want to talk to someone in the first place. I got the sense that she was personally invested in my happiness. I’ve recommended her to friends whom I don’t know how to help.” (Review from Google)


“Morgan radiates a positive energy

that creates a very comfortable and accepting environment. She approaches issues from their outermost layers, slowly peeling back to get to the root of an issue. Her method for doing so makes approaching these issues very easy and natural.”